Our Mission

In today's health care system, the highest-risk and most expensive patients are treated reactively, rather than proactively. Every three out of four Americans is on track to die from a chronic disease. For most of us, that means our most important interactions with health care are currently happening when we're at our worst rather than upstream where effective care can allow us to live healthy, fulfilling lives.

The health care system of tomorrow ought to place proactive, preventive care at the center of health, and to ensure that the products and services to do so are both abundant and accessible.

Our mission is to democratize medicine with a suite of tools and services that help people understand their bodies and treatments and inspire them to make smart, personalized decisions about their health, empower them to live longer, happier lives, and bring them closer to their loved ones.

So we built Memora Health. Felix, our flagship product, is a truly human conversational interface: an assistant you and your patients can trust. Trained on clinical conversations by real physicians, nurses, care managers, and patients, Felix is getting smarter every day.

Everything we do is founded on principles of evidence-based medicine, peer-reviewed behavioral science, human-centered design, and value-driven care.


Partners & Backers