Our Mission

99% of health care happens outside the walls of the hospital. Yet, in today's health care system, the highest-risk and most expensive patients are treated reactively, rather than proactively. Some of the best hospitals and clinics in the world have realized this problem and, as a result, have increased the number of touch points with patients, whether via one-on-one coaching, remote monitoring, personalized text messaging, or more frequent visits. While this model has helped patients be happier and healthier, it hasn't scaled to the majority of patients who need support the most and has failed to improve overall health equity.

The health care system of tomorrow ought to place proactive care at the center of health, and ensure that the products and services to do so are both abundant and accessible. That’s why we built Memora Health, a suite of clinically-validated and trusted healthcare software tools to automate and scale outpatient follow-up for patients and seamlessly monitor their progress between visits. Felix, our flagship product, is a virtual nurse you and your patients can trust. Trained using clinical conversations by academic physicians, nurses, medical assistants, and patients, Felix is getting smarter every day.

The Memora Health Team

Our Team

We are a team of physicians, engineers, and operators who have united behind a common belief: technology can help make patient care more accessible, affordable, and abundant. We have previously worked at Harvard, Georgia Tech, Stanford, Kaiser Permanente, Google, Apple, VMWare, Microsoft, Partners HealthCare, the Centers for Disease Control, the Broad Institute, and more, bringing our unique experiences and approaches together to improve patient care. Our team is based in San Francisco, reaching patients across the globe.

If you are interested in joining our team, please check out our open positions here.

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