Putting the care back in healthcare

About us

A modernized healthcare industry

The processes we use in healthcare are years behind every other facet of our daily lives. Most healthcare interactions are cumbersome for patients and clinicians because existing systems were not built to deliver care continuously and efficiently. As our population changes, there is a critical need for technology to transform how we deliver care.

Memora Health is leveraging modern technology to build a healthcare system where clinicians embrace interactions with their patients and patients can access healthcare information as easily as they can text their family and friends. We’ve put patients and clinicians at the center of how Memora is designed.

Memora is building the operating system for care delivery - a platform for clinicians to once again practice at the top of their licenses, a platform for patients to once again receive all the guidance they need to stay healthy in real-time, a platform for healthcare organizations to once again align their incentives around the well-being of their patients.

We are a team of physicians, engineers, and operators united behind a mission to

Modernize care delivery using technology that puts patients first, empowers clinicians, and accelerates the transition to a value-based healthcare system.