Frequently Asked Questions

"It's comforting being able to ask Felix questions about living with diabetes.
I feel like there is always someone to help guide me through the small things everyday."

- Memora Health patient

Memora Health is a simple tool used by either yourself, a loved one, or your care team to send automated, toll-free text messages to your cell phone. Each simple message is personalized to your specific treatment plan and condition. Each message is no more than a few sentences, and most give you choices to answer from to make responding as easy as possible. Memora Health text messages can be read on any kind of cell phone.

For best results, use Google Chrome to log into the web dashboard.
Your care team has prescribed you Memora Health to help you reach your treatment goal faster and help them see how you’re doing between visits.
Depending on your health care needs, you may receive messages daily. Some messages may ask for simple answers from you. Please answer each question honestly. Your care team can view your responses to help them provide the best possible care.
Only your provider and care team will have access to the messages sent to you and your answers.
If you were prescribed Memora Health by your provider, Memora Health text messages are toll-free and thus come at no cost to you. If you purchased Memora Health for yourself or a loved one, the service is currently offered free of charge.
If you were prescribed Memora Health by your provider, you should receive a text message asking you to confirm that you are the right recipient of these messages and consent to receiving these messages. Please respond Y or Yes to begin the intervention.
You can opt-out of Memora Health messages at any time. Text STOP to the number sending you text messages.
When you text back an answer or concern, you may receive an automated response to your message. Your provider and care team will be able to see the texts you send.
If you respond incorrectly by mistake, send a second text message with your correct response.
Felix is an artificial intelligence-based virtual assistant that works with your provider and care team to help answer your questions about your medications and treatment.
Felix can tell you about your medications, treatment plan, side effects, and care management at home. Felix can also send you care support and coaching to help you better manage your condition at home.
While this is rare, sometimes Felix is unable to answer questions. If you are having an emergency, please contact 911 or go to the emergency room.
Memora Health and Felix are not meant to replace your physician or replicate the advice of a physician. If you have any immediate questions or concerns, please contact your provider’s office directly. If you are experiencing an emergency, call 911 immediately.