On this recent episode of Memora Health Care Delivery Podcast, powered by Outcomes Rocket, Memora co-founder and CEO Manav Sevak picks the brain of Dr. Tony Das. Dr. Das is the System Medical Director for the Baylor Heart Hospital Enterprise and is the proud founder and CEO of Connected Cardiovascular Care Associates in Dallas, Texas — a first-of-its-kind digital health cardiology clinic.

Growing demand for digital healthcare

Throughout his illustrious career, Dr. Das has witnessed many changes in the healthcare industry, many of which deal with modern-day care delivery methods. More than ever, healthcare industry leaders and innovators are seeing considerable demand for a digitized healthcare experience. Dr. Das says patients desire a high-touch concierge healthcare experience that is similar to experiences they enjoy within other industries, such as finance. Dr. Das explains that healthcare systems must be more open-minded and comfortable with the early adoption of digital health tools that will give patients what they are asking for. Technology is untethering care delivery so that patients have better access to healthcare, a better care journey experience, and ultimately better health outcomes.

Dr. Das recognizes the need for care teams to engage with their patients between episodic events of care. Digital health tools and technology like Memora’s platform are making it possible for physicians and care teams to have a longitudinal view of the patient journey and a better understanding of how patients are doing between routine clinic visits.

The right digital health platform fills in gaps during care journeys

In addition to adopting software that enhances healthcare system interoperability, Dr. Das implies that a digital interface where patients can express concerns and interact with providers will be incredibly useful in the coming years. According to Dr. Das, having an open line of communication in healthcare is monumental in cultivating positive relationships between the patient and provider and maintaining a healthy dynamic that thrives on trust and acceptance.

Memora Health’s intelligent care enablement platform enables enhanced communication by using conversational AI to respond to patient inquiries, a clinically relevant content database to proactively guide individuals through complex care journeys, and offering two-way texting when people need additional care team support.

Above all, Dr. Das encourages healthcare professionals to stay curious and constantly look for innovative solutions that improve antiquated processes. By implementing revolutionary ways in which physicians deliver care to patients, such as adopting technologies within the blockchain system, providers can expedite the process of administering care and make the entire system more efficient, ultimately leading to improved outcomes and experiences for all.

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