Supercharge Surgical Care 
with Memora Health

Memora helps you support patients in preparing for a seamless surgery experience, without extra work added to your plate. 

Deliver accessible, actionable and always-on guidance to your patients leading up to surgery and throughout their recovery. 

Spotlight Program

Orthopedic Surgery

Supporting a patient on their surgical journey requires a deep understanding of patient needs before, during, and after their procedure.

Guide patients through each leg of the orthopedic surgery journey so they’re prepared for the procedure and supported through recovery. At the same time, surgical teams can gain actionable insights and collect relevant data.

Program Goals

Inspire Confidence
Prepare and support patients throughout their surgical journey

Improve Outcomes
Identify post-operative symptoms early and avoid costly readmissions 

Reduce Cancellations
Prepare patients for their procedures and eliminate gaps in coordination

Impact on Surgery Care

The healthcare delivery system often feels overwhelming for patients and the teams in charge of their care. Ease the burden your care teams take on by implementing AI-backed care programs and enhance the care you provide to your patients.*

Improved Outcomes After Surgery

  • Improved patient education
  • Earlier identification of worsening symptoms
  • Reduced readmissions


  • Reduced manual care team tasks
  • Automated collection of ePROs and adherence assessments
  • Increased time practicing at ‘top of license’

protect Health System Revenue

  • Improved adherence to
    follow-up care plans
  • Reduced appointment delays and cancellations
  • Reduced readmissions

* representative goals of care program partners

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Expand Your Care Team Through Automation

Leverage AI with Natural Language Processing to automate program-specific interactions via a white labeled and conversational experience for your patients.

Pre- and Post-Procedure Information

Calm your patients’ minds with AI-backed text support and reduce the volume of patient messages in your EHR inbox.

Scheduled ePRO Collection

Minimize time spent on administrative follow-up while keeping your finger on the pulse of patient progress with automated  capture of structured data.

Medication Adherence

Keep patients comfortable and on the track to recovery with scheduled medication reminders, education, and adherence tracking.


Memora’s AI can provide just-in-time, care-team approved responses to help patients feel confident about their procedure and unburden your care team.

Symptom Triage

Your patients may experience new or worsening symptoms that can be intelligently triaged so care team members can focus on responding to clinically necessary patient concerns.

Health Check-In

Make patients feel supported with scheduled, friendly outreach and scale patient touchpoints for the care team to get ahead of potentially critical outcomes.

The patient experience with Memora

“I like that I can type in a symptom and get information right away. That makes me feel reassured, that I’m not just on my own and having to Google symptoms but actually being able to ask a question in real time.”

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