Promote Population Health 
with Memora Health

Memora enhances visibility across your patient population and helps care teams identify those who are missing out on sufficient preventative care. 

Deliver accessible, actionable and always-on support to your patients undergoing procedures as well as those managing chronic conditions. 

Spotlight Program

Care Gap Closure

The Care Gap Closure Program supports population health initiatives related to the identification and closure of care gaps through education, screenings, and appointment adherence measures. This program assists patients by promoting preventative care testing and empowers care teams by allowing them to expand their reach through automation.

Program Goals

Reach More Patients 
Increase the number of patients who receive preventative health care

Improve the Patient-Care Team Connection 
Optimize and expand communication through automation 

Advance Health Equity 
Identify and address barriers to care attributable to SDOH factors 

Impact on Population Health

The healthcare delivery system often feels overwhelming for patients and the teams in charge of their care. Ease the burden your care teams take on by implementing AI-backed care programs and enhance the care you provide to your patients.*

Care Outcomes

  • Reinforced health education for patients
  • Increased preventive care screenings and checkups 
  • Earlier identification of health risks 


  • Scaled, proactive patient outreach 
  • Automated collection of ePROs  and other patient surveys
  • Reduced manual care team tasks

protect Health System Revenue

  • Reduced avoidable complications 
  • Fewer unplanned ED visits 
  • Reduced appointment cancellations and no-shows
  • Improved medical trend management and greater success in risk contracts

* representative goals of care program partners

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Expand Your Care Team Through Automation

Leverage AI with Natural Language Processing to automate program-specific interactions via a white labeled and conversational experience for your patients.

Patient Education

Inform patients about the importance of preventive screening and annual wellness visits.

Care Gap Screening

Proactive screenings to identify and confirm care gaps.

Appointment Adherence

Appointment prompts, reminders, and instructions that help close gaps related to preventive care, chronic condition care, and wellness visits.


Reactive NLP-driven responses to patient questions about appointments, contacting the Care Team, and more.

SDOH Assessment

The patient experience with Memora

“I feel like I can trust that they have my best needs at hand and allowing them to connect with me can really help me in the long run.”

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