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Gastrointestinal Procedures

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Leave no-shows and cancellations in the past. Help your patients prep for GI procedures without adding another item to your care team's to-do list.

Memora harnesses conversational AI to unburden care teams and unlock accessible, actionable, and always-on support for your patients before and after procedures.

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Colonoscopy Prep

Navigating colonoscopy preparation can be confusing and overwhelming for patients. A single misstep can lead to late cancellations or imperfect prep, impacting health system revenue and creating a subpar patient experience.

Use AI to help patients follow their colonoscopy prep while lifting the burden off of care teams to answer routine patient questions.

Impact on GI Care


of patient messages addressed by Memora’s AI, without care team intervention


Net Promoter Score among
care team users


of patients completed
prep as directed

*Representative outcomes from a Colonoscopy and Endoscopy Care Program with a large integrated delivery network

A Win-Win-Win For Everyone

The healthcare system can be overwhelming for patients and the teams in charge of their care. Simplify GI procedural prep and recovery for everyone involved in care journeys with Memora’s EHR-integrated AI platform.*

Drive Operational

  • Mitigate manual care team outreach

  • Slash inbound patient calls and messages

Enhanced Clinician & Patient Experience

  • Boost patient satisfaction

  • Increase care team satisfaction

Support Financial Sustainability

  • Reduce no-shows and late cancellations

  • Improve patient prep so procedures
    go as planned

*Representative goals of Memora partners

App-less, 2-way
SMS engagement
conversational AI
Intelligent triaging &
EHR/CRM integration

Augment Your Care Team With Intelligent Assistance

Leverage AI to automate program-specific interactions via white-labeled, native SMS. With deep EHR integrations, text messages are personalized for each patient.

Your care team is here to support you before your colonoscopy. Many patients feel nervous (and have questions) before their procedures — that's OK! Remember: Text this number at any time with questions. I'll answer them or alert your care team to follow up.
Can someone come with me to my procedure?
You aren't required to have someone stay during your procedure, but you'll need an adult to drive you to and from the appointment. If someone comes with you, they can wait in the waiting room during the procedure.
Thank you!
Sure! Let me know if you have any more questions.
Tomorrow, you'll start your prep. Remember, drink only clear liquids (nothing red or purple), like broth, apple juice, soda, and/or sports drinks. Staying well-hydrated is an important part of your bowel prep. Drink plenty of fluids, but avoid eating or drinking ANYTHING 4 hours before your procedure.
Ok, thank you. I’m ready to go!
It's 4PM — time to start your prep! First, take the entire bottle of Magnesium Citrate and drink two glasses (8 oz each) of water or clear liquids over the next hour. We'll text you with your next step at 6 pm. While you're waiting, you can mix your Miralax solution (but don't start drinking it yet) with approximately 60 oz of clear liquids. Refrigerate the mixture.
You’re scheduled for a colonoscopy and endoscopy on April 12th. You will be notified of your arrival time on the day before your procedure.

Reply to confirm your appointment or let us know if you are unable to attend.
I can’t make it. Let’s cancel.
OK. We’ll alert your care team, and someone will reach out to you to reschedule by the end of the next business day.
To prepare for your upcoming procedure, we want to make sure you have your supplies. Have you picked up your prep supplies from the pharmacy?
No, I forgot. Thanks for the reminder.
It’s important to pick up your prep supplies as soon as possible. We’ll check in with you again tomorrow to make sure you were able to pick them up.
How soon after a colonoscopy would complications likely occur?
Complications after a colonoscopy are most likely within 1-2 days of the procedure. Issues such as bleeding, infection, or pain might occur during this time. Following post-procedure instructions is important. Contact your doctor if you're worried about anything.
What are the signs of a complication?
Complications are continued bleeding, nausea, vomiting, fever over 100.4, a reaction to the pain medicine or the sedative, or possibly a perforation (hole) in the intestinal wall. You may have other risks related to your condition. Be sure to discuss any concerns with your provider before the procedure.
Have you arranged for transportation home from your procedure with an adult friend or family member, or medical transportation?
No, I don’t know anyone who can help.
If you don't have an adult friend or family member to give you a ride, you can arrange medical transportation to and from your procedure. We'll alert your care team and someone will reach out to you by the end of the next business day!
The patient experience with Memora

“I am encouraged to take care of my health and optimistic about being able to take care of my health with frequent reminders like this text. It is a little surprising as I wouldn’t expect a nurse to have the time to reach out to individuals via text to remind them of a task like this.”

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