Enhance Gastrointestinal Care 
with Memora Health

Memora helps your gastrointestinal team improve efficiency and outcomes, without extra work added to your plate. 

Deliver accessible, actionable and always-on support to your patients undergoing procedures as well as those managing chronic conditions. 

Spotlight Program

Colonoscopy Prep

For the most accurate results, proper colonoscopy preparation is key. However, some patients may be uncomfortable reaching out to their care team for support when they need it. 

Use automation to improve patient adherence to their colonoscopy prep while reducing the burden on care teams to send reminders or respond to routine patient questions. 

Program Goals

Increase Efficiency

Maximize the number of patients seen and reduce no-show appointments 

Improve Outcomes

Better prepare patients for colonoscopy with education and reminders 

Scale Outreach

Optimize patient touchpoints and nudges through automation

Impact on GI Care

The healthcare delivery system often feels overwhelming for patients and the teams in charge of their care. Ease the burden your care teams take on by implementing AI-backed care programs and enhance the care you provide to your patients.*

Improved Patient

  • Increased patient adherence to colonoscopy prep

  • More effective screenings

  • Optimized colorectal cancer detection rates 


  • Reduced manual care
    team tasks

  • Automated patient reminders and colonoscopy prep guidance

  • Increased time practicing at ‘top of license’ and focusing on care

Protect Health
System Revenue

  • Reduced appointment delays and cancellations

  • Increased colorectal screenings

  • Earlier identification of health issues

* representative goals of care program partners

Expand Your Care Team Through Automation

Leverage AI with Natural Language Processing to automate program-specific interactions via a white labeled and conversational experience for your patients.

The patient experience with Memora

“I am encouraged to take care of my health and optimistic about being able to take care of my health with frequent reminders like this text. It is a little surprising as I wouldn’t expect a nurse to have the time to reach out to individuals via text to remind them of a task like this.”

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