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Our leading-edge platform combines accessible care journeys with responsible AI to unburden clinicians, all with deep integrations into existing workflows and systems of record.

growth in patient engagement in symptom assessment
Results from an Oncology Oral Therapy Care Program
as reported by Penn Medicine

Personalized, dynamic journeys built with our in-house clinicians — all delivered via native two-way texting.

No app or
login required
Turnkey clinical content
configured for you
EHR- or CRM-driven personalization
Automated data collection
Appointment management
Tailored education
of patient messages
managed by Memora’s AI
Results from Fertility Care Program with Penn Medicine
as published in NEJM Catalyst September 2022

Unlike generative AI, our platform delivers clinician-curated responses at scale
to answer patient questions before they ever hit your inbox.

Immediate responses
to patients, 24/7
True unburdening
of the care team
against hallucinations
Retrieval-based AI system
Clinical oversight
Responsible AI framework
Up to
reduction in
EHR inbox messages

Internal analyses of Memora Care Program data

There's no replacement for the connection between a patient and their doctor. Our approach makes it easy for care teams to step in and provide support when patients need it most.

Surfaced in-workflow with actionable context
Simplified task management
and team collaboration
One-click call or text directly with patients for quick resolution
EHR and CRM integrations
AI-led task triaging
Customized notification routing

Deep Automation and Integration

Launch Memora from your EHR, CRM, or as a standalone platform — we can do it all.
With our platform, clinicians can organize and collaborate on tasks, monitor patient progress, and jump seamlessly into text conversations with patients to quickly resolve concerns.

Automate data collection and view longitudinal patient data and program progress.

Intelligent triaging allows providers to jump seamlessly into the patient conversation or tag in-thread, provider-to-provider, to coordinate care.

Organize and manage your tasks, or assign and collaborate on tasks with other care team members.

Keep Clinicians in Their Workflow

Memora minimizes change management by integrating into your existing workflows and systems of record. Make it easier for clinicians to do their job, while reducing toggles and clicks.

See Our Platform in Action

Take a self-guided tour of Memora’s clinician experience to see how we’re simplifying complex care delivery.

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As an enterprise partner, we help our customers solve many problems with a single platform.

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