Intelligent, Evidence-Based
Care Programs

Customized at the patient, provider, and care team level.

Proactive, AI-Powered Care Navigation

Conversational, two-way texting feels as simple as chatting with friends and family, but is backed by AI and natural language processing to intelligently answer common questions and triage concerns to the care team.

Intelligent Clinical Workflow Automation

Supercharge your care teams by automating the send of clinically-relevant prompts to help keep patients on their care plans, and using conversational AI to respond to routine patient questions so clinicians can focus on providing top-of-license care.

Deeply Embedded in the Clinical Workflow

Embedded seamlessly into your EHR or system of record, clinicians can see message history and jump seamlessly into the conversation with the patient — or chat in-thread, provider-to-provider, to coordinate care.

Supercharge Your Existing Infrastructure

Memora minimizes change management by adapting to your existing workflow through integration and intelligence. Leverage our platform to extract more value from your existing infrastructure.

Co-Develop Your Optimal Workflows

Memora's platform constantly learns from your workflows, becoming more seamless over time. Scale your best practices and leverage data to inform how you can deliver better care.

Explore our Evidence-Based Care Programs

Built with our own team of in-house, licensed clinicians, our Care Programs are designed to be an extension of your care team, so you can scale your care and help keep your care teams practicing at the top of their license.

Maternal Care

Intelligently engage patients throughout fertility, maternity, and postpartum care.

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Surgical Care

Facilitate seamless care plans before and after surgery.

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Cancer Care

Deliver personalized, always-on support across cancer treatments.

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Gastrointestinal Care

Support patients with chronic conditions and through colonoscopy preparation.

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Chronic Care Management

Help those with chronic diseases manage care at home.

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Population Health

Serve more patients without adding extra work for your providers.

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