Reimagine Maternal Care 
with Memora Health

Memora enables you to stay close to your patients, even when they’re at home, without extra work added to your plate. 

Deliver automated, accessible, and always-on support to your patients throughout one of the most important journeys of all: parenthood. 

Spotlight Program

Fourth Trimester Postpartum Support

The ‘4th trimester’ is a time of great physical and emotional change as babies adjust to being outside the womb and patients adjust to their new life as primary caregivers.

Intelligently guide new moms during the 6 weeks after delivery and automate routine follow-up tasks for your care team, allowing them to focus on delivering the best care to patients that need it most.

Program Goals

Improve 4th Trimester Care 
Enable high-touch postpartum care, improving adherence and outcomes

Inbox Management
Reduce the burden of outreach and on-call triage

Scale Your Care
Automate collection of PROs, biometric data, and patient-reported insights

Unlock Data-Driven Care Delivery

The healthcare delivery system often feels overwhelming for both patients and the teams in charge of their care. Memora's AI-backed care programs continuously benchmark patients and the care they receive to modernize care delivery and ease care team burden.*

Improved Care

  • Bolstered postpartum patient education and support
  • Increased PPD screening rates
  • Reduce unplanned ED visits and readmissions


  • Reduced phone call and message volume
  • Fewer manual follow-up tasks
  • EHR data integration


  • Increased HCAHPS completion rates
  • Reduced appointment no-shows and cancellations
  • More efficient and scalable care management

* representative goals of care program partners

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Expand Your Care Team Through Automation

Leverage AI with Natural Language Processing to automate program-specific interactions via a white labeled and conversational experience for your patients.

Patient Education

Ease your new parents’ anxious minds with proactive and reactive AI-backed text support and feel relief from floods of post-discharge FAQs in your EHR inbox.

Mental Health Screening

Benefit from intelligent alerts that identify patients at risk for postpartum depression, reducing delays that can stand between your patients and lifesaving treatments.

Remote Monitoring

Know what is happening with your patients after discharge and everywhere in between without requiring time-consuming, manual follow-up calls.

Symptom Management

Your patients may experience new or worsening symptoms outside of regular appointments that can be intelligently triaged for you. Make all your patients feel heard and allow your care teams the opportunity to easily step in on top-of-license interventions.

Appointment Reminders

Prompts, reminders, and instructions for patients to schedule their pediatric appointments & 6 week postpartum checkup with their OB.

SDOH Screening

Many patients may need extra assistance accessing their healthcare services. Take advantage of proactive screening capabilities that help you ensure that you are offering equitable access to your services for all.


“I felt like I always had someone checking on me. I also had comfort knowing I could text any questions I have and get a health professional to quickly answer.”

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