Power Chronic Care Management 
with Memora Health

Memora helps you stay better connected to your patients with chronic conditions or care management needs — without adding extra work to your plate. 

Deliver accessible, actionable and always-on support to your patients undergoing procedures as well as those managing chronic conditions. 

Spotlight Program

Congestive Heart Failure Management

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) interferes with quality of life and, in advanced stages, the ability to do even the simplest activities. With proper care management, however, patients can stay out of the hospital  and lead an enriching life.  

Use automation to help patients integrate their care plans into their daily lives and unburden care teams from administrative tasks and follow-up so they have more time to focus where it matters most. 

Program Goals

Advance Chronic Disease Self-Management
Improve health outcomes and reduce avoidable ED visits and hospitalizations

Scale Care Management
Automate manual tasks and nudges to focus on the most urgent patient needs

Advance Health Equity
Identify patients who need extra support across the patient population

Impact on Chronic Care Management

The healthcare delivery system often feels overwhelming for patients and the teams incharge of their care. Ease the burden your care teams take on by implementing AI-backed care programs and enhance the care you provide to your patients.*

Improved Chronic Care Outcomes

  • Automated patient education and care guidance
  • Earlier identification of worsening symptoms
  • Reduced avoidable ED visits and readmissions


  • Reduced manual care team tasks
  • Automated collection of ePROs and adherence assessments
  • Increased time to spend focusing on patient care

protect Health System Revenue

  • Fewer patient readmissions
  • Reduced appointment cancellations and no-shows
  • Scaled care team reach

* representative goals of care program partners

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Expand Your Care Team Through Automation

Leverage AI with Natural Language Processing to automate program-specific interactions via a white labeled and conversational experience for your patients.

Patient Education

Targeted educational content to keep patients on track, encourage regular screenings, and reduce the burden of follow-up messages and calls for care teams.

Appointment Adherence

Prompts, instructions, and reminders about annual wellness visits so patients can always stay in tune to their health and care team.

Medication Adherence

Scheduled medication reminders, education, and adherence tracking amplifies your care and helps identify struggling patients so you can provide them with specialized support.


Reactive, care-team approved information, powered by AI and NLP, helps patients feel confident in control of their health and unburdens your care team from their inbox.

RPM Data Collection

Tracking relevant metrics such as blood pressure, weight, activity, and more with triage pathways and escalations to care team members. Integration with connected devices is available.

Health Check-In
SDOH Assessment

The patient experience with Memora

“I love the idea that I can get the help I need simply from messages from my provider. I love even more that they can be specific to my chronic health conditions and help me be healthier overall.”

Learn how we can support patients with chronic conditions

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