Scale Chronic Care Management
With the Support of AI

Memora health
can support:

Supercharge care management teams to reach more patients — without extra workload, just extra impact.

Leverage AI to scale accessible, actionable, and always-on care management for patients living with chronic conditions.

Congestive Heart Failure
Chronic Kidney Disease
Spotlight CARE Program

Congestive Heart Failure Management

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) interferes with quality of life and, in advanced stages, the ability to do even the simplest activities. With proper care management, patients can stay out of the hospital and lead an enriching life.

Scale CHF care management with AI-backed assistance and by automating timely touchpoints that nudge patients toward self-management and care plan adherence. With less administrative work, care teams can focus on the patients who need their help the most.

Impact on Chronic Care

Care Management

Automate manual tasks and nudges to create more time for high-touch care

Health Equity

Engage hard-to-reach patients who
need extra support

Promote Chronic Disease

Guide patients toward improved health outcomes and fewer avoidable complications

A Win-Win-Win For Everyone

Managing chronic conditions can be overwhelming for patients and teams in charge of their care. Make it easier for everyone with Memora’s AI-backed, EHR-integrated Care Programs.*

Drive Operational

  • Scale care manager outreach

  • Mitigate the burden of data collection

  • Cut down on patient inbound calls/messages

Enhanced Clinician
& Patient Experience

  • Boost patient satisfaction and retention

  • Enhance care manager fulfillment

  • Increase time spent focusing on
    patient care

Support Financial Sustainability

  • Optimize self-management at home

  • Promote preventive care

  • Drive care plan adherence

* Representative goals of Memora partners

App-less, 2-way
SMS engagement
conversational AI
Intelligent triaging &
EHR/CRM integration

Augment Your Care Team With Intelligent Assistance

Leverage AI to automate program-specific interactions via white-labeled, native SMS. With deep EHR integrations, text messages are personalized for each patient.

The patient experience with Memora

“I love the idea that I can get the help I need simply from messages from my provider. I love even more that they can be specific to my chronic health conditions and help me be healthier overall.”

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