Let your staff focus on patients instead of phone calls.

We help care teams automate patient follow-up so they can focus on what matters most.

The New Standard for Care Management

Make unanswered phone calls and confused patients a symptom of the past. Memora Health’s automation software frees up over two hours of time per staff member per day.

Seamlessly Enroll Patients

Memora Health integrates with commonly used EMR systems to automatically enroll every single patient into the correct care programs based on their medical history.
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Scale Follow-Up Care

Our natural language technology analyzes and digitizes your follow-up protocol to deliver personalized and time-sensitive support to your entire patient population over SMS.
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Maximize Staff Time

Receive weekly reports with actionable patient situations and patient engagement data. Reduce nursing time spent on the phone by over 70% and improve patient satisfaction.
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Modernize Outpatient Communication

Standardized follow-up

Digitize your existing follow-up protocol, including step-by-step outpatient instructions, scheduling, answers to common questions about treatment plans, and reminders. Improve patient satisfaction and simplify outcomes tracking.


Handshake to deployment in four weeks. No app downloads for patients, no additional logins for clinicians. Our software requires no installation and scales outpatient care beyond the clinic with no additional effort.


Fully encrypted to industry standards and third-party verified. Deliver patients information that is clinically-vetted and abides by the security protocols of your practice. Contact us to learn more about our security practices.

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