The Operating System for Care Delivery

Digitize and automate care delivery workflows to create the experience patients and clinicians want.

Digitize your clinical workflow to modernize and simplify patient care.

Memora integrates intelligent natural language processing into your existing clinical workflow, making it easy to launch patient care initiatives - from care pathways to virtual visits to clinical trial monitoring.

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Modernized clinician workflow

Reduce clinician burden by automating repetitive instructions and documentation inside the EMR.

Improved clinical outcomes

Track and improve clinical outcomes in real-time by guiding patients through care journeys.

Higher patient engagement

Provide patients a virtual assistant to make care delivery proactive, not reactive.

Patients are ready for a digital experience. Make it a holistic one.

Use a singular platform to provide patients with a customized, digital assistant to guide them seamlessly through every aspect of their care journey - from scheduling to visit to ongoing care.

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“The interactiveness of Memora is very compelling. I get so many texts and emails from patients with generic questions and this platform helps record and funnel all the data to a secure place”
"The Memora platform is excellent at supplementing current care management and follow-up efforts in a way that is useful at triaging patients and collecting data. It’s better than any platform I’ve seen."
“The Memora platform looks outstanding and I find it very easy and intuitive to interact with. It’s impressive how well it has integrated into my workflow.”

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