Automate your patient follow up protocols

We help your care teams use SMS to digitize their follow-up workflow so they can focus on what matters most.

SMS-Based Care Management


Read Rate

Leverage SMS technology to make unanswered phone calls and confused patients a problem of the past.

Our automation software frees up 2.5 hours per day and guides your patients when they need it most.

Understand Your Workflow

Analyze Existing Workflow

Ingest existing follow-up phone call data, discharge reports, and patient handouts to identify gaps in care management.

Digitize Patient Follow-Up Protocol

Compile analytics on existing inefficiencies and digitize follow-up protocols specific to each condition.

Engage Patients over SMS

Increase touchpoints with your patient population using SMS-based instructions, reminders, and answers to common questions.

Digitize Your Protocols

Patient-Reported Outcomes Collection

Collect patient-reported outcomes and HCAHPS data from any patient population.

Appointment Scheduling

Automate appointment reminders and scheduling.

Medication Adherence Reminders

Improve medication adherence with time-sensitive reminders.

Pre- and Post- Procedure Instructions

Keep patients on track with prep protocols and post-op recovery programs.

Condition-Specific FAQ

Automate responses to administrative questions from patients.

Current Workflow Analytics

Understand how your staff allocates time and learn about your patients' most common concerns.

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