Rapid Cycle Innovation to Redesign Fertility Care with Penn Medicine

Fertility experts from Penn Medicine reveal how Memora’s platform is supporting their care model — helping them increase access to fertility care, improve patient experience, and unburden care teams from manual tasks.

Discussion highlights include:

  • How Penn Medicine's novel care delivery model uses Memora Health's digital health platform to expand fertility care access and decrease time to completion for fertility workups by 50%.
  • What Memora's always-on digital platform does to support patients with education materials and anticipatory guidance via intelligent and automated SMS, increase patient engagement, and help providers reach NPS scores as high as 80.
  • How Memora's digital health platform supports health systems to increase patient volume, unburden clinicians by automating repetitive tasks, and enable providers to hone in on top-of-license care.

Featured Speakers:

Anuja Dokras, MD, PhD
Executive Director, Women's Health Center for Clinical Innovation
Penn Medicine
Suneeta Senapati, MD, MSCE
Director of Third Party Reproduction and Co-Director of Female Fertility Preservation
Penn Medicine

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