Key Takeaways

Did you know that the cost of cancer care in the United States is roughly $175 billion annually, and projections show it growing to $250 billion by 2030?

The cancer care delivery system is broken and needs a cure. Dr. Aaron Gerber and his team at Reimagine Care are working tirelessly to make oncology care more affordable, accessible, and home-centered. With a passion for innovation in care delivery, Dr. Gerber founded Reimagine care with the desire to address the inconvenience, isolation, and costs associated with traditional cancer care. Dr. Gerber reports that cancer patients spend ten percent of their remaining days receiving healthcare services, with sixty percent of cancer patients commuting or waiting to receive care. Out of those that must commute to receive treatment, twenty percent of cancer patients have to travel an hour or more away from home to receive care.

Cancer care patients face unique challenges

In addition to the inconvenience of commuting long distances to receive care, cancer patients are also two and a half times more likely to declare bankruptcy than those without cancer due to lost wages, the inability to work, and caregiver costs. Dr. Gerber believes that delivering cancer care in-home can address these challenges and improve the care experience.

Recent digital health technology advancements have aided Reimagine Care’s journey to transform cancer care delivery. Dr. Gerber explains that Memora’s technology and care programs that include remote patient monitoring and two-way text capabilities are important parts of their in-home care delivery solution. With millions of cancer patients diagnosed and treated daily across the United States, partnerships such as these will change how their care is delivered in this country.

Digital health can transform care delivery

Reimagine Care also recently partnered with The University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus to deliver in-home care to bone marrow transplant patients. This collaboration will leverage specialized clinical technology, advanced remote patient monitoring, and Reimagine Care’s Virtual Care Center to detect infections earlier and begin life-saving treatments faster to improve outcomes and enhance patient and caregiver experience.

Dr. Gerber has 25+ years of experience in healthcare as a provider, senior healthcare executive, consultant, and private equity investor. He tells us that what keeps him going every day is thinking about how much better the healthcare system will be if he and his team successfully shape the future of cancer care.

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