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SAN FRANCISCO, OCTOBER 27, 2022 - Memora Health, the leading intelligent, clinically validated care program for virtual care delivery and complex care management, today announced the first phase of a research program with Mayo Clinic to extend care to postpartum patients. This program will allow maternal care teams to further engage and care for postpartum patients between visits and empower them to have a more connected care experience while simultaneously reducing the burden on clinical and administrative care teams.

Memora's AI-backed, digitized care programs are designed to proactively interact with patients from the comfort of their homes and address patient responses in real time, which drives a more dynamic care journey tailored to each patient's needs, and supports postpartum patients needing proactive and ongoing support at home. The programs also reduce email messaging volumes and notifications to care teams, simplifying complex care navigation for providers. Additionally, Memora’s care programs efficiently respond to patients' frequently asked questions, triage patient-reported symptoms using natural language processing, proactively provide educational resources, and administer postpartum depression screenings.

An estimated 98 percent of people use text messaging daily, making Memora’s SMS-first approach the most appropriate tool to enable care teams to support patients outside the four walls of the hospital. Memora’s programs also support email and phone-based outreach for patients who may not have SMS access or prefer an alternative mode of communication. This flexibility allows care teams to increase access to care and reach traditionally underserved communities, including immigrant populations and those with low socioeconomic status. Furthermore, Memora’s care programs will support patients who live far from the hospital where they underwent labor and delivery, enabling better access to resources, improving health equity, and reducing barriers to critical postpartum care.

“Our care programs support care teams as they reimagine how to provide care to patients during and after pregnancy, enabling a close connection between the care team and patient post-discharge and everywhere in between,” said Manav Sevak, Co-founder and CEO of Memora Health. “We’re excited to launch this research program with Mayo Clinic to extend automated, easily accessible, and always-on postpartum care.”

Memora's care programs digitize clinical workflows and patient communications through AI-backed messaging and integrates seamlessly into electronic health records, customer relationship management systems, and existing clinical and administrative workflows to intelligently triage patient-reported symptoms, concerns, and data to the appropriate care team members. The digitized care programs provide patients with proactive, anticipatory communication as they navigate their complex care journeys, resulting in earlier interventions and, ultimately, better health outcomes.

The implementation of Memora’s technology is part of Mayo Clinic’s ongoing effort to integrate innovative health technology solutions across the health system to improve patient care.

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Memora Health helps healthcare organizations digitize and automate care programs, making complex care delivery simple for patients and clinicians to navigate. Memora’s deep knowledge of clinical workflows and patient experience allows the construction of cohesive digital programs that guide patients through their care episodes, and automates the completion of simple follow-up tasks in the EHR for care teams. Memora's digitized care programs reduce care team notifications by nearly 40%, has an average patient NPS over 70, and improves engagement and clinical outcomes across diverse populations. Memora Health is headquartered in San Francisco, CA, with clients and team members around the world. For more information about Memora Health, visit

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