On-Demand Webinar: Rapid Cycle Innovation to Redesign Fertility Care with Penn Medicine

In this exclusive webinar hosted by Memora Health, experts from Penn Medicine peel back the curtain on how Memora’s trailblazing digital health platform is supporting their novel care model — helping them increase access to fertility care, improve patient experience, and  unburden their care teams from repetitive, manual administrative tasks.

Discussion highlights include:

  • How Penn Medicine's novel care
    delivery model uses Memora
    Health's digital health platform to
    expand fertility care access and
    decrease time to completion for
    fertility workups by 50%.
  • What Memora's always-on digital
    platform does to support patients
    with education materials and
    anticipatory guidance via intelligent
    and automated SMS, increase
    patient engagement, and help
    providers reach NPS scores as high
    as 80.
  • How Memora's digital health
    platform supports health systems to
    increase patient volume, unburden
    clinicians by automating repetitive
    tasks, and enable providers to hone
    in on top-of-license care.

Webinar Speakers

Anuja Dokras, MD, PhD

Executive Director,
Women's Health Center
for Clinical Innovation

Penn Medicine

Suneeta Senapati, MD, MSCE

Director of Third Party
Reproduction and Co-Director
of Female Fertility Preservation

Penn Medicine

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