Same Workflow. Improved Efficiency.

Memora Health adapts to your workflow and patient population, helping clinicians spend less time with software and more time with patients.

Seamlessly Enroll Patients

Memora Health integrates with your EHR to auto-enroll every single patient into the correct care programs based on their medical history.

Scale Follow-Up Care

Our natural language technology analyzes and digitizes your follow-up protocol to deliver customized support to your patients over SMS.
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Maximize Staff Time

Receive weekly reports with actionable patient information. Reduce nursing time on the phone by 70% and improve patient satisfaction.
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Bringing NLP and Analytics to Healthcare

Bring your healthcare organization into the 21st century with cutting-edge natural langauge processing technology and patient engagement analytics.

Digitized Follow-up

Memora Health learns from your phone calls, claims reports, and discharge summaries to digitize your organization’s existing follow-up protocols, keeping your trusted workflow intact and delivering it to every patient in need.

EMR Integration

Memora Health uses HL7 interfaces and SMART on FHIR to integrate with EMR systems, automatically enrolling patients into the correct care program after their clinical visit, based on their medical history.

Intelligent Patient Triage

Our algorithms identify patients that require actionable follow-up, such as a prescription refill or a rescheduled appointment, to give you the most sophisticated patient satisfaction and operations analytics in healthcare.

Standardized Follow-Up

Digitize your existing protocols, such as outpatient instructions, scheduling, and answers to questions about treatment plans. Improve patient satisfaction and simplify outcomes tracking.


Handshake to deployment in four weeks. No app downloads for patients, no additional logins for clinicians. Our software scales outpatient care beyond the clinic with no additional effort.


Fully encrypted to industry standards and third-party verified. Deliver patient information that is clinically-vetted and secure. Contact us to learn more about our security practices.

Meet Felix

Felix is your clinic's custom, AI-powered assistant that delivers digital follow-up protocols to your patients over SMS.

Everything you need to engage your patients

  • Medication Reminders
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Blood Glucose Tracking
  • Weight Loss Education
  • Post-Operative Management
  • General Wellness

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