SAN FRANCISCO, SEPTEMBER 9, 2022 - Memora Health, the leading technology platform for virtual care delivery and complex care management, today announced a partnership with UP Medical, a multi-specialty medical group dedicated to raising standards and experience for chronically ill patients, so they can live their best lives. This partnership will leverage Memora’s clinical intelligence platform to engage UP Medical patients between visits and reduce the burden of repetitive manual communication on UP Medical’s care teams.

UP Medical’s care teams will be able to practice at the top of their license with the support of Memora’s natural language processing and artificial intelligence technology, which triages patient-reported symptoms and concerns while automating repetitive tasks, such as answering frequently asked questions and setting up recurring reminders and check-ins. In addition, UP Medical’s patients using Memora’s SMS-based platform will receive proactive outreach to ensure adherence to care plans, resulting in earlier interventions, more frequent touch points with their care teams, and ultimately, better health outcomes.

“We’re very excited to partner with UP Medical and roll out our platform across the multi-specialty medical groups to modernize their care delivery and empower care teams to spend less time on screens and more time being the superhumans they were trained to be,” said Manav Sevak, co-founder, and CEO of Memora Health. “It is clear how forward-thinking the team at UP Medical is regarding how they want to empower their care teams and patients. Likewise, at Memora, we’re also committed to empowering clinicians and patients: our technology enables clinicians to practice at the top of their license while simultaneously supporting patients throughout their care journeys.”

Memora’s platform will initially be used by UP Medical’s Southern California-based medical groups specializing in behavioral health, substance use disorder, vascular care, and podiatry. UP Medical, which is in a period of significant growth and has increased its staff by over 50 percent in the past year, will leverage Memora's platform to enable increased scalability and ensure a seamless experience for patients as well as their care teams.

“At UP Medical, we’re committed to meeting patients where they are and reimagining health care as we know it,” said Annie Willett-Thomas, Vice President of Healthcare Strategy and Operations at UP Medical. “We’re thrilled to partner with Memora to increase patient engagement outside our clinic walls and enable our care teams across specialties to prioritize critical patient needs and spend less time on routine, time-consuming tasks.”

About Memora Health

Memora Health helps healthcare organizations digitize and automate care journeys, making complex care delivery simple for patients and clinicians to navigate. Memora Health ingests existing data on clinical workflows, converts them into cohesive messaging journeys that guide patients through their care episodes, and automates the completion of simple follow-up tasks in the EHR. Memora's platform reduces care team notifications by nearly 40%, has an average patient NPS over 70, and improves engagement and clinical outcomes across diverse populations. Memora Health is headquartered in San Francisco, CA, with clients and team members worldwide. For more information about Memora Health, visit

About UP Medical

UP Medical is a multi-specialty medical group, dedicated to raising standards and experience for chronically ill patients, so they can live their best lives. We do this by curating and cultivating patient-centric care journeys through a collaborative, tech-enabled ecosystem with a value-based, whole person care approach. We recognize the neurological evidence of the mind-body connection, and the role it plays in treatment intervention. This is why we go well beyond the medical paradigm, and its compartmentalized manner of providing specialty care, into the wellness paradigm. Within this holistic paradigm, the goal for our patients is to thrive, not simply survive. For more information about UP Medical, visit

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